SIXT Loyalty Program: Tier Benefits Guide — (2024)

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For those who frequently rent cars, joining a rental car loyalty program is a no-brainer. One such program worth considering is with SIXT, one of the world's leading car rental companies.

This German-based company, founded in 1912, operates in more than 105 countries with over 2,200 locations worldwide.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll take a deep dive into SIXT's Loyalty Program, covering everything from how to apply for membership, the benefits that come with each tier, how to upgrade your status, and much more.

By the end of this post, you'll have a thorough understanding of how to make the most out of your SIXT rentals.


Overview of SIXT's Loyalty Program

SIXT, like most car rental companies, offer a loyalty program designed to reward frequent renters. As a member, every time you rent a car with SIXT, you earn status and enjoy a range of perks such as discounted rentals, free additional drivers, and car category upgrades.

The program has four tiers: Express, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond (invite-only).

The more you rent, the higher your status. Each tier comes with its unique set of benefits.

In addition, if you hold an elite status with other car rental companies such as Hertz, Europcar, or Avis, SIXT will match it, allowing you to enjoy their Gold or Platinum tier benefits.

You can also get a match by having status with some other travel partners, like Accor.

Benefits of the Loyalty Program Tiers

Each status level in the SIXT Loyalty Program offers a range of benefits. Even at the basic Express level, members enjoy special rates, the ability to reserve a car through the SIXT mobile app, and the chance to earn miles or points with hotel, airline, and specialty partners.

Gold members get even more perks like an up to a 10% discount on rentals, free additional drivers (US-only), and priority reservations. Platinum cardholders enjoy all these benefits and more, including a free upgrade if available and up to a 15% discount on rentals.

The highest level, Diamond, is by invitation only. In addition to enjoying all the benefits of the lower tiers, Diamond members receive guaranteed car upgrades, access to exclusive SIXT Diamond Lounges at select airports, and up to a 20% discount on rentals.

SIXT Express Status

How to Apply for SIXT Express Status

Becoming a SIXT Express member is straightforward and open to any SIXT customer. There are no minimum requirements, making it an excellent starting point for anyone new to the SIXT Advantage Circle program. Simply sign up for the program on SIXT's website, and you're all set.

As an Express member, your personal information is stored on your card, which reduces waiting time when renting a car.

Other benefits include special rates, the ability to collect miles or points with partner companies, and the convenience of reserving a car through the SIXT mobile app.

SIXT Gold Status

Upgrading to SIXT Gold Status

Upgrading to Gold status requires a little more commitment but brings with it a host of added benefits. U.S-based customers who rent at least three times per year qualify for the Gold status. For customers outside the U.S., five yearly rentals are needed to achieve this status.

Gold members enjoy all the benefits of the Express tier, plus up to a 10% discount on rentals, discounted SIXT limousine service, and no charge for additional drivers for all rentals in the U.S.

Plus, with priority reservations, Gold members can secure their vehicle up to 48 hours before the start of a rental.

SIXT Platinum Status

Upgrading to SIXT Platinum Status

Moving up to the Platinum tier requires at least ten rentals per year, though some countries require twenty. The increase in status comes with an array of additional perks, including a free upgrade if available, up to a 15% discount on car and truck rentals, and priority reservations up to 24 hours before the start of a rental.

It's also worth noting that if you hold elite status with other car rental companies (Hertz Five Star & President, Europcar Privilege Executive, Europcar Privilege Elite, Europcar Privilege Elite VIP, or Avis President's Club), SIXT will invite you to join the Platinum tier.

SIXT Diamond Status

Upgrading to SIXT Diamond Status

Diamond status is the pinnacle of the SIXT Loyalty Program. It's an invitation-only tier, extended to the most loyal SIXT customers. Alternatively, members of Lufthansa HON Circle, Emirates Platinum, or American Express Centurion Titan can also achieve Diamond status.

Diamond members enjoy the most exclusive privileges, including guaranteed upgrades to the next highest group, up to a 20% discount on car and truck rentals, and access to the exclusive SIXT Diamond Lounges at select airports. They also enjoy priority reservations up to 12 hours before the start of a rental.

Benefits of the Diamond Lounge

The SIXT Diamond Lounge is designed to provide comfort and convenience to its invite-only Diamond Status guests, offering a range of premium amenities. The lounges feature a comfortable seating environment equipped with first-class amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi, power ports for charging devices, a snack bar offering refreshing beverages, and a library of reading materials.

The Diamond Lounge is not just about comfort; it also provides personalized VIP assistance from on-site rental agents. This means that visitors can enjoy priority access to a selection of premium vehicles, allowing them to get behind the wheel of a top-notch rental car without waiting in line. Moreover, the proximity of the Diamond Lounge to the vehicle pick-up area ensures a quicker check-in and check-out process.

Where can I find SIXT VIP Lounges in the US?

In the United States, the SIXT Diamond Lounge can be found at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Open 24 hours a day, this lounge is conveniently located right next to the main entrance of the branch, making it easily accessible for travelers.

Where can I find the SIXT VIP Lounges in Europe?

In Europe, the SIXT has several Diamond Lounge locations. One of these is in the Hotel Adlon Kempinski at the Brandenburg Gate, right next to the hotel's main entrance. The lounge operates from Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, excluding holidays. Other European locations include various terminals at different airports, each with their own operating hours and specific amenities.

Loyalty Program Discounts and Promotions

Discounts for Gold, Platinum and Diamond Card Holders

The SIXT Loyalty Program provides discounts for its Gold, Platinum, and Diamond cardholders. Gold members enjoy up to a 10% discount on rentals, while Platinum members can save up to 15%. The biggest savings are reserved for invite-only Diamond members, who enjoy up to a 20% discount.

These discounts apply to both car and truck rentals, making SIXT a cost-effective choice for both personal and business travel. Furthermore, the program occasionally offers seasonal promotions and discounts, adding even more value to your SIXT rentals.

Free Upgrades for Platinum and Diamond Card Holders

One of the standout perks of the SIXT Loyalty Program is the opportunity for free car category upgrades. This perk is available for Platinum and Diamond cardholders, subject to availability.

Platinum members are eligible for a free upgrade if available, while Diamond members are guaranteed an upgrade to the next highest group, excluding long-term rentals, special cars, motorcycles, or trucks.

Summing Up

Final Thoughts on SIXT's Loyalty Program

SIXT's Loyalty Program offers a range of benefits and perks for frequent renters. With four tiers to cater to different levels of rental activity, members can enjoy discounted rentals, free additional drivers, car category upgrades, and more. The Express, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond tiers each come with their own set of advantages, with Diamond being the most exclusive and invitation-only level.

To join the program, simply sign up for an Express SIXT Card, which stores your personal information and allows for quick and easy car rentals. From there, you can work your way up through the tiers by renting more frequently, or if you already hold elite status with other car rental companies or certain travel programs, you can request a status match and start getting Gold or Platinum tier benefits right away.

The loyalty program also extends its benefits beyond car rentals, with partnerships with airlines, hotels, and specialty partners. Members can earn miles or points with partner programs, enjoy special discounts, and access exclusive privileges. This makes the SIXT Loyalty Program an attractive option for travelers looking to maximize their rewards and savings.

Whether you're a casual renter or a frequent traveller, joining the SIXT Loyalty Program can enhance your rental experience and provide added value to your trips.

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SIXT Loyalty Program: Tier Benefits Guide — (2024)


What is the highest status in SIXT? ›

Our Diamond level is reserved exclusively for our most loyal customers who are invited to enjoy exclusive benefits and services.

How to get SIXT platinum status? ›

If you have Hertz Gold, Europcar Privilege Club or Avis Preferred, you will get matched to SIXT Gold. If you have Hertz Five Star & President, Europcar Privilege Executive, Europcar Privilege Elite, Europcar Privilege Elite VIP or Avis President's Club status, you will be invited to join SIXT's Platinum tier.

Is SIXT owned by enterprise? ›

The majority of the company is owned by the Sixt family, who manage the company. The remaining share is tradeable stock: SIX2 (XETRA).

How do you get invited to SIXT Diamond? ›

How do I achieve a Diamond Status? Diamond status is only available by invitation, or to members of Lufthansa HON Circle, Emirates Platinum, or American Express Centurion Titan. Was this answer helpful?

How to get SIXT diamond membership? ›

The Diamond Card is by invitation only. It has the same benefits as the Express card and you will be entitled to a discount of up to 20% on the online rates (except for special offers) and a double upgrade (subject to availability).

Who is a competitor to SIXT? ›

Top 7 Alternatives & Competitors
  • 10,945. 2,290. 6.75M. +1.74% ...
  • 8,666. 1,871. 8.57M. +15.94% ...
  • 34,803. 9,406. 1.91M. -1.44% ...
  • 4,939. 970. 14.54M. -1.73% ...
  • 7,762. 1,733. 9.56M. +17.75% ...
  • 7,806. 10,126. 9.49M. +3.58% ...
  • 34,177. Country Rank: Germany. 10,152. 1.95M.

How does sixt+ work? ›

SIXT+ is an uncomplicated, flexible car subscription service. Similar to a video streaming subscription or a gym membership, you pay a fixed monthly amount. You can get your car within 24 hours with fully customizable plans according your needs and without any paperwork.

What is the corporate discount for SIXT? ›

Rent a Car
  • ✓ Discounted rates of up to 15%
  • ✓ Online corporate booking portal.
  • ✓ Special fixed rates.
  • ✓ Dedicated account manager.
  • ✓ Extensive loyalty program.

What is different about SIXT? ›

Basically, SIXT rent embodies the classic idea of renting a car whenever, wherever you are. The biggest difference with how you used to rent cars in the past is the fact that the whole rental process is digitalized. You don't need to go to a counter and arrange everything with an employee.

Who bought Sixt? ›

Most of the company is owned by the Sixt family, who also run the business. The rest of the company is owned by people who bought shares, which are known as SIX2 on the XETRA stock exchange.

Has Sixt replaced Thrifty? ›

SIXT has catapulted onto the Australian scene as NRMA's new car rental partner (replacing Thrifty) and has shifted into SIXT gear with the help of Intermain's Joinery team working to rebrand 88 stores across the country.

Where is Sixt headquartered? ›

Founded in 1912 and managed by four generations of the Sixt family, the company – headquartered in Pullach, Germany – currently has locations in over 100 countries and more than 8,500 employees worldwide.

How do you get platinum on SIXT? ›


Once you rented only three vehicles within 12 months, you'll be automatically upgraded and receive a Gold status. The following level, with 10 rentals within a year's time, grants you one of our highest membership levels – the Platinum Card.

How do you pay on SIXT? ›

Major credit cards are welcome, and we also accept debit cards at specific locations, depending on your location and the type of vehicle. If you've booked and paid in advance, just make sure to have the card you used at vehicle pick-up, and the cardholder should be present.

How does the SIXT app work? ›

Simply enter your destination on the ride tab of the SIXT app and then choose one of our taxi categories. You will then be picked up as soon as possible and can track your driver on our app. Book a taxi with SIXT and be picked up in a matter of minutes in cities all across the US as well as many countries worldwide.

What is the highest avis status? ›

Avis President's Club is the highest tier of status that you can earn with Avis. Benefits of President's Club status include: Double upgrades, when available. Guaranteed vehicle availability.

What is the highest status with national car rental? ›

Emerald Club Executive Elite Status

At this top-tier status level, you still earn one rental credit for each qualified car rental; however, it only takes five credits for a free rental day. Plus, you can use them to book any car class and there are no blackout dates.

Does Enterprise have elite status? ›

Attain elite status based on rental activity. Enjoy members-only check-in at participating locations. Access a dedicated phone number for expedited service. Receive special offers when you subscribe to Email Specials.

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