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Nick Chavez was a celebrity hairstylist and salon owner who had his own line of hair products that included shampoos, conditioners, coloring, and styling products. His clientele included well-known celebs and models like Gigi Hadid, Maria Shriver, Ivana Trump, George Lopez, Bella Hadid, and Queen Noor. He was also a champion horse rider who had won a Silver Olympic Blade. He passed away in December 2022, at the age of 66, after battling cancer for two years.

But who was the woman behind this successful and charismatic man? Who was Nick Chavez’s wife, Alima, and what was their relationship like? Here are some facts and details about Alima, the model and hairdresser who shared Nick’s life and passion.

Alima’s Early Life and Career

Alima was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She had a natural beauty and talent for modeling, and she started her career at a young age. She appeared in various magazines, commercials, and fashion shows, and she also pursued acting. She had roles in movies like The Last Samurai and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Alima was also interested in hair and beauty, and she learned the skills of a hairdresser from her mother, who owned a salon. She worked as a stylist and colorist, and she developed a loyal clientele of her own. She was known for her creativity and flair, and she also taught classes and seminars on hair techniques.

Alima and Nick’s Love Story

Alima and Nick met in the late 1990s, when they were both working at a prominent Beverly Hills salon. They had an instant connection, and they soon started dating. They shared a common background of Mexican American heritage, and they also had a mutual love for horses and ranch life. They moved in together, and they bought a ranch in Yuma, Arizona, where Nick was born and raised.

Alima and Nick had a happy and harmonious relationship, and they supported each other’s careers and dreams. They also had a lot of fun together, and they enjoyed traveling, dancing, and spending time with their family and friends. They were married in a private ceremony in 2001, and they celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2021.

Alima and Nick did not have any children, but they had a large and close-knit family that included Nick’s six siblings, their nieces and nephews, and their horses and dogs. They also considered their clients and colleagues as part of their family, and they treated them with kindness and respect.

Alima and Nick’s Battle with Cancer

In March 2020, Nick announced that he was diagnosed with cancer, and that he was in the early stages of treatment. He said that he was optimistic and hopeful, and that he had the support of his wife, family, and friends. He also thanked his fans and customers for their love and prayers.

Alima was by Nick’s side throughout his fight with cancer, and she was his biggest cheerleader and caregiver. She accompanied him to his chemotherapy sessions, and she helped him cope with the side effects and the pain. She also encouraged him to keep working and doing what he loved, and she helped him run his business and his product line.

Nick underwent surgery in July 2020, and he said that it was successful and that he was recovering well. He continued to work and appear on TV, and he also participated in charity events and fundraisers for cancer research and awareness. He said that he was grateful for every day, and that he was inspired by his wife’s strength and courage.

However, in December 2022, Nick’s condition worsened, and he passed away peacefully at his home, surrounded by his wife and family. He was 66 years old, and he had been battling cancer for two years. His death was a shock and a loss to many, and he was mourned by his fans, friends, and colleagues.

Alima’s Life After Nick’s Death

Alima was devastated by Nick’s death, and she said that he was her soulmate and her best friend. She said that she missed him terribly, and that she was trying to cope with the grief and the emptiness. She said that she was thankful for the memories and the love they shared, and that she hoped to honor his legacy and his spirit.

Alima has not made any public appearances or statements since Nick’s death, and she has gone under the radar. She is presumably staying with her family and friends, and she is taking time to heal and recover. She has not revealed her plans for the future, and whether she will continue to work as a hairdresser or take over Nick’s business and product line.

Alima and Nick had a beautiful and inspiring love story, and they were a perfect match for each other. They were partners in life and in work, and they shared a passion for hair and beauty. They also had a lot of joy and happiness, and they faced the challenges and difficulties with grace and faith. They were a couple that many admired and looked up to, and they will always be remembered and cherished.

The Untold Story of Their Love and Loss – Career Gear (2024)
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